RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH: for more appreciation of food and less waste

Our non-profit organization RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH is campaigning for more appreciation of food’s value and sustainable food consumption. We educate people about climate-friendly nutrition through educational projects, interactive cooking classes, community events and individualized workshops. We educate people of all ages to raise awareness about conscientious ways of cooking and handling food. In our workshops, we actively prevent food waste by working with “rescued” surplus food donated from organic supermarkets, giving imperfect produce, like crooked carrots and brown bananas, a chance to become a delicious, creative meal.


What can you experience with us?

Visit one of our free workshops or interactive events connected to our current projects.
Here you can view upcoming events.

We are happy to organize private workshops, designed to fit your needs and interests. If you are interested in the practical side of things, we can provide a cooking workshop on how to create “leaf to root” meals using zero waste cooking. It’s also possible to focus more on educational content, such as how make more eco-friendly choices when food shopping and properly store groceries at home. We look forward to sharing our knowledge about climate-friendly nutrition and giving you a taste of healthy and sustainable cuisine.

With a touch of creativity, we can give unwanted produce a second chance and enjoy the combination of classic recipes and innovative ideas. 

To book your individualized team event or cooking workshop write us:


Are you already an active foodsaver and would like to support us in our mission to stop food waste? get in touch with us!